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List Of High Directory for Website SEO Submission

high pr backlinks for website submission, All you need to do is submit your site with a little description of how you want to improve it. .... I've How Do You Create Backlinks to Your Websiteliterally gotten 100+ high PR backlinks from related sites from a single quality infographic and this 1-2 .... You can change it locally on your PC.
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Free Trusted Directories  
Directory’s URL PageRank
http://www.dmoz.org  8
http://www.lanic.utexas.edu/ 8
http://lanic.utexas.edu/ 8
http://www.products-and-services.com/ 8

Trusted PR 4, 5 Directories
Website Name PageRank
digabusiness.com 5
usalistingdirectory.com 5
vision-iq.com 5
aogin2011.in 5

High PR Link Sources
Website Name PageRank Status
adobe.com 9 Working
cnn.com 9 Working
defense.gov 9 Working

Low PR Directories
Website Name PageRank
http://www.libdirectory.com/ 0
http://www.qualitydirectory.eu/ 0
http://www.online-link.eu/ 0
http://www.prodirectory.eu/ 0

NA PR Directories
Website Name PageRank
articledashboard.net N/a
articlesfree.co.uk/submitart.php N/a
articlecity.com/article_submission.shtml 2 N/a
articleslash.net N/a
1ArticleWorld.com N/a

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