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General Conditions of Use

Accessto and use of this website is subject to the following conditions. Please do notuse this website unless you agree with these conditions. This website has beendeveloped by Smtpserver (hereinafter to be referredto as SMTPSERVER) and is administered by the same. We reserve the right todiscontinue or to make partial or complete modifications to this website or tothe General Conditions of Use, to our General Terms and Conditions, and to ourConditions of Sale and Delivery. Please note that we may make such changes atour own discretion and without prior announcement. We must therefore ask you,next time you visit this website, to view the conditions again and to note anychanges or amendments that may have been made.

Surrender of use and benefit
all details, documents and illustrations published on this website are the soleproperty of SMTPSERVER. Any permission to use the same is granted on theproviso that the relevant copyright note is displayed on all copies, that suchdetails are only used for personal purposes, that they are not exploitedcommercially, that the details are not modified in any way and that allillustrations gained from the website are only used in conjunction with theaccompanying text.

Trademarks and copyright
All trademarks on this website are the property of the Smtpserver, unlessotherwise noted or in any other way perceivable as third party rights. Anyunauthorized use of these trademarks or other materials is expressly prohibitedand constitutes a violation of copyright, trademark law or other industrialproperty rights.

If you are an Online or month-to-month Subscriber or have a "Pay as you Go"account: You may cancel the Services at any time by calling 011-20473140.
If you have a signed Written Agreement with SMTPServer thetermination provision found in the Written Agreement applies.
SMTPServer reserves the right to suspend or terminate Servicesif SMTPServer, in its sole discretion, believes that theServices are used for a purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Termsor any notices.
SMTPServer shall have no responsibility to notify any third-party,including any third party providers of services, merchandise or information, ofany suspension, restriction or termination of your account. PratibhaTotal ITSolutions shall have no obligation to maintain any messages or other content inyour account or forward any unread or unsent message to you or any third party.
Any termination of your account shall not relieve you from any amounts owing orany other liability accruing under this Agreement prior to the time that such terminationbecomes effective.

SMTPSERVER has compiled the detailed information provided on this website frominternal and external sources to the best of its knowledge and belief, usingprofessional diligence. We endeavor to expand and update this range ofinformation on an ongoing basis. The information on this website is purely forthe purpose of presenting SMTPSERVER and its products and services. However, norepresentation is made or warranty given, either expressly or tacitly, for thecompleteness or correctness of the information on this website. Please be awarethat this information although accurate on the day it was published may nolonger be up to date. We therefore recommend that you check any information youobtain from this website prior to using it in whatever form. Advice given onthis website does not exempt you from conducting your own checks on our latestadvice – particularly our safety datasheets and technical specifications – ad onour products, with a view to their suitability for the intended processes andpurposes. Should you require any advice or instructions concerning our productsor services, please contact us directly. Users of this website declare thatthey agree to access the website and its content at their own risk. Neither SMTPSERVER nor third parties involved in the writing, production ortransmission of this website can be held liable for damage or injury resultingfrom access or the impossibility of access or from the use or impossibility ofuse of this website or from the fact that you have relied on information givenon this website.

Websites of third-party vendors/links
this website contains links/references to third-party websites. By providingsuch links, SMTPSERVER does not give its approval to their contents. Neitherdoes SMTPSERVER accept any responsibility for the availability or the contentsof such websites or any liability for damage or injury resulting from the useof such contents, of whatever form. SMTPSERVER offers no guarantee that pageslinked to provide information of consistent quality. Links to other websitesare provided to website users merely for the sake of convenience. Users accesssuch websites at their own risk. The choice of links should in no way restrictusers to the linked pages.

Details supplied by yourself
The user of this website is fully responsible for the content and correctnessof details he or she sends to SMTPSERVER as well as for the non-violation ofany third-party rights that may be involved in such details. The user gives hisor her consent for SMTPSERVER to store such details and to use the same for thepurpose of statistical analysis or for any other specified business purpose,unless the information involves personal details, going beyond master data orusage data as defined in Indian Law. In particular, SMTPSERVER is entitled touse the contents of such messages, including ideas, inventions, blueprints,techniques and expertise contained therein, for any purpose, such as the development,production and/or marketing of products or services and to reproduce suchinformation and make it available to third parties without any limitations.

International users
this website is checked operated and updated by SMTPSERVER at Delhi, India. It’sintended for international use. However SMTPSERVER gives no guarantee that thedetails presented on this website are correct worldwide, and, in particular,that products and services will be available with the same appearance, in thesame sizes or on the same conditions throughout the world. Should you call upthis website or download contents, please note that it is your ownresponsibility to ensure that you act in compliance with local legislationapplicable in that place.

Products mentioned on this website may come in different packaging, indifferentpackage sizes, or with different lettering or markings, depending on thecountry.

In the India the business of the Smtpserver is conducted by SMTPServer. Customers in the India are requested to address to this entity.

Sale of SMTPSERVER Products
our products are sold in accordance with the current version of our GeneralConditions of Sale and Delivery.

You agree that these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordancewith the laws of the Province of Ontario (except its choice of laws rules), andyou hereby consent and at torn to the jurisdiction of such province and agreethat all disputes shall be tried in the city of Stonecat(Haryana) India. Youexpressly waive any right, and agree not to have any dispute under the Termstried or otherwise determined by a jury, except where required by law.

this website may contain forward-looking statements based on currentassumptions and forecasts made by Smtpserver. Various known and unknown risks,uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between theactual future results, financial situation, development or performance of thecompany and the estimates given here. These factors include those discussed inSmtpserver's public reports which are available on the Smtpserver website at www.smtpserver.in The company assumes noliability whatsoever to update these forward-looking statements or to conformthem to future events or developments.



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